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24/7 Project Management

Applingua’s Project Managers are available around the clock to help you with your translation project.

Native, Human Translation

Our translators are experienced, qualified and know their tap from their click. Most have worked with us for 6+ years.

On-device Testing

Whether app, game or website, we test all our translations in-situ in each language. We’re not just translating text, we’re Translating Experiences®.

All languages Supported

Spanish? Russian? Tagalog? Urdu? Whichever language, we support it both to and from English.

Never Pay For Duplicates

We believe in fair pricing and remove all duplicates from your project before we start translating.

No Setup or Project Fees

You won’t find any hidden charges on our invoices. Just pay for what we translate, that’s it.


We keep track of your text and strings, so you just need to send us the latest copy and we’ll see what’s new and what has changed – ready to translate.

Terminology Experts

We cross-reference our translations with industry TMs to ensure quality. We also make glossaries to ensure your future updates are consistent.

Flexible Cloud Platform

We leverage the industry’s best cloud based localization platform to ensure your translations are delivered without a hitch.

Developer Support

Never prepared anything for localization before? We are on hand to guide you through from pre-translation to post-support.

GitHub Integration

We can sync directly with your GitHub repository’s l10n folder. Each time you edit a string, we’ll get an update.

Easy Payments

We accept PayPal, all major credit cards, and bank transfers. Payment is taken on project completion.

Pricing and Timeline Examples

iOS/Android App

~1000 words. $180 per language.
2-3 day turnaround.

App Store Description

~250 words. $45 per language.
1 day turnaround.

Multi-Level Game

~8000 words. $1440 per language.
6 day turnaround.


~1500 words. $270 per language.
3 day turnaround.

Support Docs

~2000 words. $360 per language.
2-3 day turnaround.

Quick Update

~50 words. $9 per language.
Few hours.

Can’t find an example for what you want to translate? Here’s a quick tip. We try to translate 1000 words a day, including all our internal processes and translation. This may increase however if you translate several languages at once and, if you’re translating an app, we’ll need a day to test the translations in-situ, on device.

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